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Diversified 3D Technologies, Inc. specializes in 3D printed arm splints. These arm splints are not just durable, but they are light and breathable. This makes it much more comfortable for the wearer without sacrificing functionality. Through working with us, our clients have access to the latest and most advanced 3D technology modeling software to provide innovative solutions for patients with upper extremity injuries which require immobilization.

Core Competencies

  • Ultimaker and Coobx 3D printers
  • iPad based 3D scanning solution utilizing an attached Occipital Structure Scanner coupled with AI-assisted 3D modeling software
  • Xkelet app for creating made-to-fit splints


Our process is faster and more cost-effective than our competitors. Our iPad based 3D scanner is low cost, timely, and accurate. This system quickly uploads print-read scans to a secure cloud server for production. The 3D printers we use greatly reduce the printing time with production now measured in minutes, not hours.

Cape-image one
Cape-image two